Michael D. Chaney, Esq. 

All Felony and Misdemeanor Matters

I've probably handled 7,500 cases over my 30 years defending people. Among them, over 1,000 DUIs (we offer special DMV expertise), and every type of case from soliciting prostitution, shoplifting, and lewd conduct to among the biggest fraud cases ever brought in California, as well as huge drug cases, robbery, rape, weapons cases, and murder. See http://www.michaelchaneylaw.com/Trials_Noteworthy_Cases.html

I've Successfully Handled Dozens of Cases In These Areas: 

• White Collar Offenses
• Fraud, Tax Evasion, Conspiracy
• Drug Possession, Possession for Sale, Sales, Transportation (cocaine, heroin, X, speed, all drugs), & Marijuana       Cases (cultivation, possession, possession for sale, sale/transportation)
• Illegal Search and Seizure Expertise: (quashing & traversing search warrants, warrantless searches and            arrests, illegal vehicle searches, coerced "consent" searches / evidence suppression & dismissal of charges)
• Deferred Entry of Judgment (drug diversion) & Dismissal of Case 
• Theft (Grand Theft / Shoplifting)
• Forgery
• Embezzlement
• Bad Checks
• Receiving Stolen Property
• Sex Crimes: Lewd Conduct & Child Molestation, Rape, Indecent Exposure
• Domestic Violence / Terrorist Threats / Stalking
• Drunk Driving (& DMV expertise)
• Suspended Driver’s License
• Hit & Run
• Murder & Manslaughter
• Assault & Battery
• Resisting Arrest
• Guns & Weapons Cases
• Juvenile Court Matters
• Kidnapping
• Probation Violations & Appeals

If you've been arrested, think you may be arrested, or have a case pending, and want advice on how to proceed, I'm your guy. Call anytime to set up a free consultation--in my office, or on the phone.

310-226-2560 / Michael@MichaelChaneyLaw.com

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